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To the virtual reality store of Smilecardboard. You can buy the components and extreme standards of quality for you to build your first virtual reality glasses like Google or Smilecardboard with best price! ^^

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Smilecardboard VR Kit v2.0

Base on Google Cardboard VR Kit v2.0 design and features. Now is waiting for Google certification.
$15.00 $9.00
40 % off

Smilecardboard v1.2

Smilecardboard Standard Edition similar to Google Cardboard v1.2
$8.50 $6.80
20 % off

1 Pair of Biconvex Lenses 45mm for Cardboard v2.0

1 Pair of Biconvex Lenses for Google Cardboard VR Project 34mm Diameter 45mm Focal Length - Exact Google VR Cardboard v2.0 Specification
$9.00 $7.50
17 % off

Mini bluetooth gamepad v1.0

For google cardboard 3D glasses Bluetooth controller/ joystick Bluetooth gamepad for android / IOS / PC
$12.00 $9.00
25 % off
Google releases technical specifications for its Cardboard v2 virtual reality headset
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