3DHolic Camera

What is 3DHolic?...
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What is 3DHolic?

Shot & Dive ! Anytime and anywhere, now we can enjoy 3D through your own Smartphone without hassle and setup. It’s Simple & Fun !

Imagine you can take out your own smartphone and take 3D pictures and share with your friends through SNS. Need more 3D friends? Please visit 3DHolic World one click away from you 3DHolic application.

Upload you own created 3D pictures and get appraisals from 3DHolickers from all over the world. Games? VR? 3DHolic works with all other provider’s side-by-side games and titles. Just click-on and boom! you are diving~. Are you 3DHolic?

Making the world 3D Crazy! That’s us 3DHolic.

3DHolic Camera - screenshot thumbnail

3DHolic Camera - screenshot thumbnail